Kaleidoscopic View of Indian Heritage

I have seen the world passing by, I have seen and met good people and not so good ones, I have seen inspiring people and the dull ones, I have seen bad building and good buildings, I have been in good spaces and bad ones, I have seen beautiful walls and also seen walls on which people urinate, I have gone to urinals which stink like hell and are not fit for even animals, I have seen staircases full of red colored paan pichkaaries, I have gone to beautiful buildings and have been in wonderful spaces, I have gone to terrible buildings, I have been to too many depressing buildings and spaces, I have been to places and spaces that give me the joy of being there, I have seen some beautiful trees and landscapes, I have been to too many unkempt places; I am ashamed to show you the bad things we do to our living environment, towns, cities, roads, footpaths; have you not seen them bad things? Have you not been a part of “this mad traffic, the rush?” Your heritage and pride in the ‘things India’ is engulfed in the “who cares” syndrome, I have stopped the world and the time for you to revisit it, I have, I have, I have; I have selected only the good things that sit within all those bad things for our reminiscence; do come and visit your wonderful world; I have even sprinkled it with some arts farts things…..it is the exhibition “Images and the Imprints” of the world that has passed by me.